Who We Are

We have a team of trained Cleaning Specialists who are not only committed to caring for our clients but most have been with the company for an extended period of time. We are an inclusive dedicated company of workers where everyone is respected and appreciated. We truly care about our clients and it shows! We even earned the nickname the “Shiny Happies” from our clients.

Our Cleaning Specialists include the following Shiny Happies:

Heather Kniess(She/her), since 2007 (founder)
Renee Hagens(She/her), since 2010 (manager)
Jessica Vozel(She/her), since 2021
Mel Carranza(She/her), since 2022
Darnell Bouie(He/him), since 2023


All of our employees go through a rigorous training program, have passed thorough background and security checks, and are fully insured (liability and workers compensation), bonded, and are paid weekly via professional payroll system. All of our employees earn a livable wage and paid sick time. Full time staff members have paid vacation.

Our commitment to green cleaning has earned Shiny Happy Cleaners an Angie’s List “Best Service Award” as well as two reviews in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in November 2008 and in April 2007. We were also featured in Patch.com in February 2011.

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