How We Clean

Here is a quick overview of our standard cleaning practices for all of our initial cleaning appointments and subsequential regular maintenance in different areas:

– Clean/sanitize counters, sinks, backsplashes
– Shine all chrome, hardware
– Wipe down fronts of cabinets and exposed shelving
– Wipe down exterior of countertop appliances, ie. toasters, mixers, blenders, toaster ovens
– Dismantle and thoroughly clean all stove tops (removing knobs when possible) and inside microwaves *(wear and tear may alter outcomes)
– Clean exteriors of appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage cans
– Shake out floor mats/vacuum and wet mop floors
– Remove pet hair from the bottom of chairs legs
– Wipe down all light-switch plates and baseboards regularly

– Clean/sanitize counters, sinks, toilets
– Clean behind toilets, as well as the top, back and sides of the bowl
– Scrub clean showers, bathtubs *(wear and tear may alter outcomes)
– Clean mirrors to a streak-free shine
– Wipe down the front of all cabinets and open shelves
– Regularly keep up with dusting floorboards and inside windowsills
– Vacuum and mop floor
– Shake out or vacuum bathmats

Other Spaces:  Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices

– Vaccuum upholstered furniture when requested
– Dust furniture/wipe down tables, chairs, including legs and braces
– Dust lamps, ceiling fan blades, and wipe down light-switch plates
– Dust and wipe down bookcases, televisions, media areas, mantles, includes careful dusting of knickknacks
– Spot check windows, glass and mirrors for prints and smudges
– Vacuum under sofas, beds, and other furniture when possible**
– Dust baseboards, doors and doorjamb ledges regularly
– Making beds(Changing bed linens for additional charge) ***Currently not doing this due to Covid*****

Add-on services

Our add-on services include things that are not part of a regular maintenance clean that add time onto the regular appointment. 

– Blinds-Wide slat only(not taken down): $10 per window
– Interior fridge: $25
– Interior oven(limitations apply): $15
– Interior windows(limitations apply): $10 per window

All add-ons must be requested ahead of your appointment.


We pay special attention to floors, especially hardwood floors. We vacuum all rugs and carpets as well as vacuum all hardwood or hard surface floors– afterwards we thoroughly mop all hardwood and hard surface floors using our plant based floor solution with a microfiber mop-head to make them shiny.

What we don’t do:

-Move furniture(We have an insurance policy that prohibits moving or lifting furniture, however if you have it moved out prior to our arrival, we will gladly clean behind/under spaces)
-Use ladders(We have an insurance policy that prohibits standing on anything higher than our  2-step stool that we are permitted to use) We have tall dusters and extension dusters that can help reach higher places in rooms.
-De-cluttering of rooms(Our services are to clean the surfaces and floors in the house. We can help pick up minimally while cleaning but de-cluttering entire rooms falls outside of our wheelhouse)
-Bio hazard type cleaning(anything that is above and beyond sanitary protocol)
-Use harsh chemicals, bleach, and products that aren’t considered non-toxic

  • Lastly, the longer a house is lived in, or a surface is used, the more wear and tear that happens and sometimes a surface cannot be cleaned enough to look brand new again. Often times, things eventually need replaced over time. These such things include worn down floors, baseboards or stained walls that need repainted or refinished, old oil stained kitchen cabinets, mold/mildew/grout that requires heavy chemicals and sometimes re-caulking or re-grouting, and any surface that has months or years of neglect that requires harsher cleaning products than what our company uses. We will do the best we can given the condition we received things in and communicate when necessary about issues that come up.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email and ask!

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