How We Work

Want a Shiny Happy Home?

To start our services you just need to call or email us to schedule a free, in-home estimate appointment. Estimates generally take about 15-30 minutes– you give us a tour of your home and we discuss your needs– and are held on weekdays and early evenings.

Afterwards you’ll receive a detailed email reviewing everything discussed at the estimate as well as our pricing and appointment options. We run a tight schedule with weekly, bi-weekly(every 2 weeks), and “monthly” (every 4 weeks) cleaning appointments. You are given your own appointment slot so you can count on us to arrive the same day/timeframe.

All of our cleaning staff either works individually or in pairs of two and you will have a Team Leader assigned to your home so that you have consistent, knowledgeable care by the same person who really knows your home. We also are a big enough company that if one of your regular team members is out on vacation or sick we have a back-up person to fill in and most of the time will be management. In 13 years the only reason we have ever cancelled an appointment is because of extremely inclement winter weather. **(Due to covid we are only working individually for the time being to socially distance)

We bring everything we need to every job– eco-friendly cleaners, microfiber cloths, HEPA-rated vacuums, floor cleaning equipment, scrub brushes, etc. We’re here to make your life easier and give yourself the gift of free time and your happiness is our highest priority.

We are especially proud of our great, friendly employees and all of the hard work they do. As a company we stand out in our industry by paying well above minimum wage and our employees get paid sick and vacation days, a practice virtually unheard of in the service industry. The owner’s commitment to ethical, fair employment practices was published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Achoo! Right on My Salad!” in 2014.

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